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Wrestling with Gratitude

Have you ever just had a memory come out of the blue of a bad moment, and realize it was probably the best thing that ever happened to you?

So lately I have been dealing with writer's block. It's bad enough that I'm not posting anything about a timetable for the next installment of Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter until I am much further along. Making things worse, my health hasn't been so good. My migraines are out of control again, and a recent flare of eczema got so bad I had to be put on super strong steroids.

I have been told I need to relax more, so I'm doing what I always do when I need comfort.

I watch pro wrestling.

I have a good collection of wrestling apps on my Roku box, plus there's a few things I watch on YouTube. Today has been no different, as I just randomly picked a few programs from the WWE Network app.

And then I was triggered.

So they have a new program where the WWE allows Bruce Pritchard to post a video version of his podcast once every so often. (…

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