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Excerpt From Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #3: The camping trip from Hell

NOTE #1: This was originally supposed to be shared two weeks ago, but I got sick. Please forgive the lateness. Book #3 is still a WIP. Please look forward to more information in the coming months.

NOTE #2: In this excerpt, Ruey, Kameko and Marlowe have gone on a trip to Chichibu-Tama-Kai for a weekend camping excursion to celebrate Marlowe's birthday. However, Hadagi and Panti have sent along a demon to foil their festivities. This segment picks up right as the trio are trying to follow and fight this new demon, who has hidden his true form by disguising himself as a giant bird shadow. The shadow is part of an ancient group of demons known as The Nanatsunotaizai, hinted at during the tail end of Book #2.

Watching the shadow dart between the trees, Marlowe cuts down the forest faster and faster, not noticing the sky changing. The shadow turns, as if to face Marlowe, then unleashes a wave of dark energy. Thinking fast, Kameko jumps onto a nearby boulder, then propels herself, spinnin…

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