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Ki-Chan at Walmart??

Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter is being considered for distribution at Walmart, but I ohsoveryextremelymuch need your help to get her there!
If enough people request Ki-Chan, Walmart will start ordering it!!
This would mean a lot to me. Walmart is expanding their book section, and they are looking for new authors to fill some open spots. 
In some areas of America, Walmart is the only brick and mortar store left still selling books, and not every book lover uses Amazon or Barnes and Noble's websites to order from. Some readers are still leery of online shopping, so they need another option for book buying that makes them feel at ease, and in many communities, Walmart is that option. Malls are being stolen from us left and right, leaving Walmart as the #1 destination for clothes, electronics, groceries and books.
When you have a moment, I need you to call 1-800-WALMART and hit the options for "Customer" and "Product". These options may change since they keep changing the …

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