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Ki-Chan: Tree Lover

For the holidays this year, I drew Ki-Chan decorating a small Christmas Tree, with one little addendum.

The tree is actually in a little box meant for re-planting.

This is because of something I dropped into both Ki-Chan books. Kiana loves trees. There's even a spot I wrote into the second book where mid fight with Mindy, Ki-Chan spots a tree that has been uprooted, and she quickly re-plants it before returning to Mindy. This picks up from an earlier segment in the first book where she takes Ti-Chan to a special area of the park that is surrounded by different species of trees.

So rather than go for a tree stand, I have Ki-Chan decorating a tree that has grown from a soil box, with the notion that after Christmas, the tree will be re-planted.

Also, every Ki-Chan book is printed on recycled paper.

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