Year One

One year ago today, I launched, launched a new Facebook page, and decided to turn 21 years of dreams and loose sketches, into a book series.
One year ago today, I swallowed my fear and anxiety so I could share with the world something so private, I couldn't even tell my closest friends about it.
One year ago today, I decided to prepare myself to launch that November a 185 page light novel, about an eighteen year old girl with a yellow baseball cap, a speech impediment and a dark past, sent by alien gods to fight demons.
One year ago today, I decided that I wanted to like the person starring me back in the mirror each morning, and the first step I had to take was in sharing my dream with the world.
One year ago today, I decided to take control of my future.
Today, I am celebrating the anniversary of the day my childhood dreams took flight.
... Literally. 
In one year, not only has Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter been published in four formats to Amazon, CreateSpace and for K…

Chester on a 16 year old's afternoon

I drew the above sketch on notebook paper back in 2003, and I remember exactly every stroke of the pen and what was going on in my head.
I was listening to Linkin Park on the radio.
I was an angsty teenager with limited power over my own life, so I drowned that anguish into music and video games. Linkin Park speaks to most of us from broken families and tattered dreams because the lyrics in their songs strike the self loathing, self destructive cord we often want to scream at one or the other parent, or in other cases, because we fight the hardest, pull the most weight and yet come up empty handed in life.
On this such afternoon sometime in 2003, I was imploding.
I had gotten into my umpteenth fight with my father, who looking back, was probably going through his third puberty. (We call this a midlife crisis, boys and girls.) Apparently when I asked him why he blew through an entire loaf of bread that was supposed to feed the whole family for a week, I was being "disrespectful&q…

Update on Ki-Chan: NEW STUFF!!

Hey #YellowCapperZ it's time for an update!
As I write this, I have just crossed my 71,000th word in Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #2, and I am STILL not done. But I am on the last chapter, so I'm still on target. Once the last chapter is finished, it's time for finishing the art and then I can give you guys an exact release date. 
I'll be hosting a Facebook release party for Book #2, so consider yourself invited! Details will be coming after the last chapter artwork is finished, so I'll post the link and such on this blog. Make sure you subscribe for my updates.
Speaking of artwork, the fourth chapter has an epic pajama battle. I'll be releasing new artwork for everyone's pajamas, but just to whet your appetite, here's Kameko and Lily's bedroom wear:
I wanted to make the pajama costumes fun, but I think I had the most fun coming up with new hairstyles for Kameko and Lily.
And speaking of new art, yesterday, I added a little art from the book, along w…

Excerpt: Rumble in the Courtyard (Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #2)

NOTE: This is an excerpt from the third chapter of Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #2. At this point, only Ki-Chan's group can see that there's something otherworldly about Mindy, the British-Japanese student who sits next to Ki-Chan at their new college. The blonde vixen has her sights set on Ti-Chan, much to his chagrin. But despite the fact that he has tried to report Mindy's sexual harassment to school faculty, only Ki-Chan, Techno, Kameko, Ruey, Cecil, Violet and Lily believe him. What's more is that Mindy has been targeting Ki-Chan, and has just unleashed word to everyone in school about Ki-Chan's past and has been doing her best to expose her powers to everyone. The two have already had one fight, but only Ki-Chan is finding herself in trouble. This excerpt picks up where a crowd is forming around Ki-Chan during P.E. as Ti-Chan tries to fight through the crowd to get to her before anything happens.

Mindy: Why look, it’s our dearest Ti-Chan! Step aside ladies and …

Boycott the Bottled Blonde in Chicago

Well folks, I started this week by drawing in protest.
So in Chicago, we have an establishment called "Bottled Blonde" that recently produced an insane dress code for their patrons. The following image belongs to Eater Chicago:
Now obviously, this is very discriminatory. Language such as "no baggie ____, large bags, Nike, Jordans, gang attire, etc" have been White slang for "Black People" since at least the 1980's, and if you look at their Facebook page, you won't see very many ethnicities being represented.
But this list isn't just targeting Blacks, which by the way, is pure evil and inexcusable just by itself. But it also targets people with tattoos, wrestlers and MMA fighters with the line about Tapout shirts, (although they do play UFC fights at the bar, so you can fight for my entertainment, just don't come here) and apparently judging by both this list and again, their own Facebook page, they don't want women to dress in the lat…

Excerpt from Ki-Chan: Book #2: Sakura Conflict

(NOTE: At this point in the story, this is the day after their first day in college. The day previous, Mindy came onto Ti-Chan and wouldn't take "no" for an answer, prompting Ki-Chan to lose control of her anger and her latent rage power. Ki-Chan finds herself struggling to control her hidden power and her emotions, while Ti-Chan is trying to think of a constructive way to tell her he has a new power himself, the power to slip into her dreams. The two started the morning in a training session, which messed up the landscape Lily was working on. So Violet tosses the duo a satchel of yen, telling them to go pick up gardening supplies, but also telling them they need to go work things out by themselves. This excerpt picks up just as they are leaving the backyard. Fair warning, language!)

Ti-Chan and Ki-Chan walk down the hill, counting how many neighbors are now starring up at them in shock. There are only two houses on either side of the hill with a good enough distance bet…

Ki-Chan!! The website is fixed!!

At five this morning, I finally got my Weebly tools back on HostMonster. So I went to work fixing every broken link and restoring all older posts. So here's a rundown of everything:
The blog is going to stay here on Blogspot, because some of you have said it's coming up easier and you're having a better time sharing it. (Thank you for every share!)The store now has new PayPal buttons, cheaper shipping through USPS with same-day shipping and FREE tracking numbers on all purchases. Also added new products if you'd like to take a peek!All fan art, downloads, videos and excerpts are now back online.Mindy's page has more artwork on the carousel.The page for the Starwalkers has been renamed. I'll be adding more content soon!