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Boycott the Bottled Blonde in Chicago

Well folks, I started this week by drawing in protest.
So in Chicago, we have an establishment called "Bottled Blonde" that recently produced an insane dress code for their patrons. The following image belongs to Eater Chicago:
Now obviously, this is very discriminatory. Language such as "no baggie ____, large bags, Nike, Jordans, gang attire, etc" have been White slang for "Black People" since at least the 1980's, and if you look at their Facebook page, you won't see very many ethnicities being represented.
But this list isn't just targeting Blacks, which by the way, is pure evil and inexcusable just by itself. But it also targets people with tattoos, wrestlers and MMA fighters with the line about Tapout shirts, (although they do play UFC fights at the bar, so you can fight for my entertainment, just don't come here) and apparently judging by both this list and again, their own Facebook page, they don't want women to dress in the lat…