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Year One

One year ago today, I launched, launched a new Facebook page, and decided to turn 21 years of dreams and loose sketches, into a book series.
One year ago today, I swallowed my fear and anxiety so I could share with the world something so private, I couldn't even tell my closest friends about it.
One year ago today, I decided to prepare myself to launch that November a 185 page light novel, about an eighteen year old girl with a yellow baseball cap, a speech impediment and a dark past, sent by alien gods to fight demons.
One year ago today, I decided that I wanted to like the person starring me back in the mirror each morning, and the first step I had to take was in sharing my dream with the world.
One year ago today, I decided to take control of my future.
Today, I am celebrating the anniversary of the day my childhood dreams took flight.
... Literally. 
In one year, not only has Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter been published in four formats to Amazon, CreateSpace and for K…