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Excerpt: Ki-Chan Book #2: Zodiac Dreams

(NOTE: A recurring theme of Book #2 is that Ti-Chan accidentally discovers a brand new power, the ability to travel into Ki-Chan's dreams. Here, he makes his second trip by mistake, and at this stage, hasn't told anyone about this new power. As noted in the last book, the current Humanesques share their bodies with beings known as the Zodiac Soldiers. Ti-Chan is about to meet the duo he and Ki-Chan were patterned after. An enemy from Basheeba's past is linked with Mindy, but we will see them in a future book. FOr now, let's head into a rough introduction!)

It’s early in the morning on Sunday. Ti-Chan is sound asleep in bed, rolling over onto his right side. In his dreams, he is back in a black room as he was months ago, but now he finds a small light. Running into the light, he finds it is peeking through from behind a giant boulder. Using all of his energy to push the boulder aside, he reveals an opening to a great, grassy field.

Ti-Chan: Where am I? This isn’t Chichi…

Drakeo Ki-Chan Sketch

It's been a rough week for me, so seeing this peek back at me in my inbox really turned my frown upside down.

My loyal friend Drakeo surprised me this week with a sketch of Ki-Chan, flashing a smile mid-fight, with her curls all tousled and her fist glowing. ^_^

Her smile reminds me of the title character in Steven Universe, have you seen that show yet? The show is billed as a children's program, but it's deeper than most adult shows on television, and has similar, saturated sugar colors to the anime No Game No Life, which has a prequel movie hitting theaters pretty soon in America.

Getting back to Drakeo, his inspirations have been George Perez, John Romita JR, Steve Ditko, Ron Frenz, Joe Madureira, Ed McGuinness and Jack Kirby. You can follow him on Twitter and tell him I sent you!

Year One

One year ago today, I launched, launched a new Facebook page, and decided to turn 21 years of dreams and loose sketches, into a book series.
One year ago today, I swallowed my fear and anxiety so I could share with the world something so private, I couldn't even tell my closest friends about it.
One year ago today, I decided to prepare myself to launch that November a 185 page light novel, about an eighteen year old girl with a yellow baseball cap, a speech impediment and a dark past, sent by alien gods to fight demons.
One year ago today, I decided that I wanted to like the person starring me back in the mirror each morning, and the first step I had to take was in sharing my dream with the world.
One year ago today, I decided to take control of my future.
Today, I am celebrating the anniversary of the day my childhood dreams took flight.
... Literally. 
In one year, not only has Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter been published in four formats to Amazon, CreateSpace and for K…