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RogerDelmar: Ki-Chan in Shinjuku

This was actually the first piece of fan art ever mailed to me, and it comes from Roger Delmar. Roger actually appears in the first book, can you find him?
You can check out his videos on YouTube!

HandlebarOrionX: Ki-Chan

HandlebarOrionX is not only my first art student, he's also my younger brother. He recently took time out of his busy schedule to sketch a Capcom reminiscent Ki-Chan for me!
He does SEGA, WayForward, Nintendo, Square Enix and Capcom related artwork on his Redbubble account. If you're into video game nostalgia, his artwork is right up your alley. Grab a coffee mug and give him a follow!

Drakeo: Hadagi on Swapdoodle

So I've only been playing Swapdoodle on Nintendo 3DS for a little while. One of the first messages I received is from my good friend Drakeo who has been supportive of my artwork for many years. You can follow him on Twitter, be sure to send him a shout-out for me!

RINIPAN: Ki-Chan Cast

RINIPAN on Deviant Art sent in these adorable Ki-Chan sprites for the whole cast! I can't decide which one I like best, have a look!











Moon Prism Otaku: Ki-Chan!

Since HostMonster lost the fan art page on, I'll be re-posting all fan art here, starting with Moon Prism Otaku's fluffy Ki-Chan offering!

This bubbly piece was drawn in pencil, inspired by my favorite meta-series, Sailor Moon, which she has also donated related art for here for me.

Be sure to follow her on Twitter for me! @moonprismotaku

Quick update on #KiChan

Konnichiwa Minna!

Alright, first thing's first. For those who don't know, this is my second Blogspot. You can check out my old Blogspot here. I haven't touched it in a while, but I still approve comments on it. It was something I used weekly a long time ago and much more personal. And yes, I am and have always been Codename Sailor Earth. So there. Nyah. 😛

This Blogspot however is just for Ki-Chan, and I have quite a bit to go over.

For starters, this is the backup blog.

See, Ki-Chan's website is and has always been on HostMonster, and the site was built by yours truly using Weebly's tools.

Back in March, Weebly realized they kind of screwed HostMonster by not giving them all of the same tools on their standalone service, so from March 13 through the 18th, they were supposed to shut down, upload the missing tools, add new ones and then be back up in five days.

Here we are on April 25 and I still have no tools.

Not only that, but they somehow LOST the following fiv…