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Excerpt from Ki-Chan: Book #2: Sakura Conflict

(NOTE: At this point in the story, this is the day after their first day in college. The day previous, Mindy came onto Ti-Chan and wouldn't take "no" for an answer, prompting Ki-Chan to lose control of her anger and her latent rage power. Ki-Chan finds herself struggling to control her hidden power and her emotions, while Ti-Chan is trying to think of a constructive way to tell her he has a new power himself, the power to slip into her dreams. The two started the morning in a training session, which messed up the landscape Lily was working on. So Violet tosses the duo a satchel of yen, telling them to go pick up gardening supplies, but also telling them they need to go work things out by themselves. This excerpt picks up just as they are leaving the backyard. Fair warning, language!)

Ti-Chan and Ki-Chan walk down the hill, counting how many neighbors are now starring up at them in shock. There are only two houses on either side of the hill with a good enough distance bet…

Ki-Chan!! The website is fixed!!

At five this morning, I finally got my Weebly tools back on HostMonster. So I went to work fixing every broken link and restoring all older posts. So here's a rundown of everything:
The blog is going to stay here on Blogspot, because some of you have said it's coming up easier and you're having a better time sharing it. (Thank you for every share!)The store now has new PayPal buttons, cheaper shipping through USPS with same-day shipping and FREE tracking numbers on all purchases. Also added new products if you'd like to take a peek!All fan art, downloads, videos and excerpts are now back online.Mindy's page has more artwork on the carousel.The page for the Starwalkers has been renamed. I'll be adding more content soon!

Manga Studio Ti-Chan

Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter is usually drawn using Manga Studio 5, or rather, Clip Studio Paint as it's known after installation. I use an older Wacom Bamboo tablet when I draw, allowing me to do everything by hand.
While I'm on the phone, I'm usually drawing Ki-Chan or Hadagi, but today I found myself drawing Ti-Chan. I found a new (really, new to me) brush I can use for his curls for the last post's image, and I thought I would play with it more today. Ti-Chan's curls are more textured and smooth than Ki-Chan's, so I needed a brush that would properly separate the two styles.
How do you like this manga-inspired image? Manga is a different style, since you're limited to black and white, so the emphasis I find is more on texture rather than color blending. 

Ki-Chan Update: May 2, 2017

So last week, I opened this Blogger under the pretense of emergency, but honestly, I've gotten so comfortable with it that this might be the permanent home for Ki-Chan's blog. So let me catch you up on what happened.
Back on March 13, HostMonster (home of Ki-Chan's website) started what should have been a five day upload of new tools for Weebly, the website play toy I used to code this site, my husband's website (LuchaMaskUSA) and my publishing website. After five days, I was supposed to have new tools and new features that really look awesome. If you use Weebly's standalone site, you already have access to these tools, and if you're a tech nerd like me, then you already know how excited I was. So I just deciced to wait for the upgrade to wrap before releasing anything new from Book #2.
... And that was in March.
Today is May 2nd.
I still don't have my tools.
They LOST five pages, including their backups, and the following screens greet me: And then there&…

Excerpt from Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #1: First Date Rumble

(NOTE: Please enjoy this excerpt from Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #1, which is now available on in color and in black and white. The script style light novel series is aimed at ages 18+ due to language, violence and adult situations. This excerpt is from the third chapter/act.)

Ti-Chan: What do you people want from us?
Panti: Just a sparring match, Leo Soldier. Just to see where you both stand against us.
Ki-Chan: Listen, I dunno who th' hell ya are, bu' yer ruinin' m' first date here. Pr'pare t' get yer asses kicked!

The four lunge for each other. Hadagi goes after Ti-Chan while Panti heads for Ki-Chan.  Hadagi focuses on stiff strikes while Ti-Chan delivers kick after kick. The two men are evenly matched. Panti and Ki-Chan trade punches and elbow strikes until Ki-Chan leads the fight away from town and into the park.

Panti: Where are you going little Scorpio? Are you really running away?

Ki-Chan: Th' Hell I am! I jus' can't let ya fight …

Excerpt from Ki-Chan Book #1: A light in the alley

(NOTE: Please enjoy this extended preview from Ki-Chan Demon Hunter: Book #1 which is now available in color and in black and white on Fair warning, this series is aimed at ages 18+ for language, violence and adult situations. The light novel series is written in script style.)

The man grabs Ki-Chan by the neck, holding her above the ground. She tries to pry his fingers from around her neck, kicking, but to no avail.

Ti-Chan can see the light from a fire coming from an alley.

Ki-Chan is pinned to a wall. The woman lowers her body past the man, and begins slamming Ki-Chan's gut with punches. Blood is trickling down the man's hand as he holds Ki-Chan, as she fights for consciousness. The woman stands. The man drops Ki-Chan as she coughs up more blood. She gazes up, trying to see his face as everything around her gets more blurry and dark.

Ki-Chan: Why…..

The duo begin to laugh. As the man rears his leg back to kick her, suddenly, he stops. He turns quickly to see tha…