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Konnichiwa Minna!

Alright, first thing's first. For those who don't know, this is my second Blogspot. You can check out my old Blogspot here. I haven't touched it in a while, but I still approve comments on it. It was something I used weekly a long time ago and much more personal. And yes, I am and have always been Codename Sailor Earth. So there. Nyah. 😛

This Blogspot however is just for Ki-Chan, and I have quite a bit to go over.

For starters, this is the backup blog.

See, Ki-Chan's website is and has always been on HostMonster, and the site was built by yours truly using Weebly's tools.

Back in March, Weebly realized they kind of screwed HostMonster by not giving them all of the same tools on their standalone service, so from March 13 through the 18th, they were supposed to shut down, upload the missing tools, add new ones and then be back up in five days.

Here we are on April 25 and I still have no tools.

Not only that, but they somehow LOST the following five pages permanently:


They turn up a 404 not found error message. The backups are gone and nobody can tell me just how this happened.

The good news: All of your fan art has been saved and will be re-published with credits to the original artists soon. When you guys send me your fan art, I actually back it up on DVD discs the same day, re-labeling the image files with your name so I can't forget who to credit. 😅

The bad news: There are five pages missing, and I may need to re-build Ki-Chan's website from the ground up so this doesn't happen again. I have an estimated time of 2 1/2 weeks before I can do this, but I'm not holding my breath. 😡

As a temporary move, starting tomorrow, I'll be posting the fan art here, so please look forward to it!

Now onto Book #2!

The title is not decided as of yet, but I am up to 63,000+ words and the last chapter still isn't finished, so this will be bigger than Book #1. I haven't decided yet on how many graphics will appear in the book, but I do have preliminaries sketched. Excerpts from both books will be re-published here starting this week, with a NEW sneak peek at Book #2 coming VERY soon.

Book #2 is going to have more comedy segments, seeing as how the first teaser did REALLY well. I love all of the feedback you guys are sending me, please keep it coming! I am reading every email.

Book #2 is also going to have more romance. I wanted to expand on the little love story we started with Ki-Chan and Ti-Chan in the last book, since by the time they start college, they will have been a couple for a few months. (They started dating at the end of January, and it's April when school starts.) While I didn't quite let them go to a full blown erotic segment, I did let them get steamy. There are a few segments actually based on real-life encounters with my husband, John, so if you'd like a little romance with your reading, you now have something new to look forward to. Aside from the steamy segment (which is actually broken between two chapters, so stick with it, please) this book will take their relationship into all kinds of new territory, and Ki-Chan is going to find herself with plenty of new emotions ~ not all of them nice.

I also let Techno and Lily have a little room for romance, since Lily has a bigger role than the last book. I really enjoy writing for these two, so look forward to a little nerdy sweetness. I'm expanding the roles for the other Humanesques, so you have a better chance to find a new favorite.

The Starwalkers make a brief cameo, and in a few weeks, I plan to introduce you all to Hades, who uncovers a few secrets for Ki-Chan that will be vital to the rest of the series.

Mindy is based on multiple real-life "Mindy's" I have had the unfortunate chance of meeting, so writing for her is different from Hadagi and Panti. For the prior demons, I was basing them completely off of the dreams I had as a child, while Mindy is a much more likely villain. I think some of you out there may have met a "Mindy" before, a haughty type who seemingly is only bitchy around you, but everyone else falls in love with? She's a preppy, sultry young lady with a mountain of deception behind her. She's much stronger than she seems, and I think I might make one of her segments a sneak peek. She actually holds a link to Basheeba, but I'll let you read about it later.

I'm not sure how long the Weebly outage will last, so please make sure to follow this new blog while I get things settled.

PLEASE keep sending in your suggestions and fan art!!

UPDATE: GoodReads saved a backup of the old blog!! Click here 😀

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