Excerpt from Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #1: First Date Rumble

(NOTE: Please enjoy this excerpt from Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #1, which is now available on Amazon.com in color and in black and white. The script style light novel series is aimed at ages 18+ due to language, violence and adult situations. This excerpt is from the third chapter/act.)

Ti-Chan: What do you people want from us?
Panti: Just a sparring match, Leo Soldier. Just to see where you both stand against us.
Ki-Chan: Listen, I dunno who th' hell ya are, bu' yer ruinin' m' first date here. Pr'pare t' get yer asses kicked!

The four lunge for each other. Hadagi goes after Ti-Chan while Panti heads for Ki-Chan.  Hadagi focuses on stiff strikes while Ti-Chan delivers kick after kick. The two men are evenly matched. Panti and Ki-Chan trade punches and elbow strikes until Ki-Chan leads the fight away from town and into the park.

Panti: Where are you going little Scorpio? Are you really running away?

Ki-Chan: Th' Hell I am! I jus' can't let ya fight me 'round other folks. Sum’one can get hurt!
Panti: Ha! Don't make me laugh, I can level this entire village if I wanted to.
Ki-Chan: Not on m' watch ya weirdo!

Ki-Chan delivers an uppercut to Panti, but is speared by Hadagi. The two tumble down a hill. Ki-Chan slides near a tree, Hadagi returns to his feet, then kicks her rib. Panti delivers a side-sweeping kick to Ti-Chan, knocking him down the hill as well. Ki-Chan gets up, blocking another kick from Hadagi. It's now male verses female. Hadagi and Ki-Chan trade blows while Ti-Chan ducks and weaves through Panti's strikes. Panti jumps up and delivers a roundhouse kick. Ti-Chan blocks with his right forearm as he watches Hadagi grab Ki-Chan’s arm. Ki-Chan goes to punch Hadagi with her left, just as he sends off a fireball with his right. She moves her head just in time, then ducks a secondary punch.

Hadagi: It's no fun trying to kill you in a forest.
Ki-Chan: Howsat MY problem?

Releasing his grip, Hadagi fires an energy blast from his hand into Ki-Chan's face, blinding her for a moment and burning a little skin. He and Panti fly back to the top of the hill overlooking the park. Ti-Chan and Ki-Chan quickly catch up, continuing the fight mid-air. Panti and Ti-Chan trade energy blasts at each other, as Hadagi and Ki-Chan trade knee strikes, kicks and punches high above the park. Ti-Chan knocks Panti back, but Hadagi grabs Ki-Chan by the hair and slams her to the ground. Her body skids, leaving a track on the cement. Ti-Chan flies down, but Panti blocks his path to Hadagi, as Hadagi lifts Ki-Chan's head up by her hair.

Hadagi: *Pant pant* Why? …. Why are you holding back??
Ki-Chan: *Pant pant* Wha?

He slams her face into the ground, then stands up, spiting out a little lip blood. Panti returns to his side.

Hadagi: Stand up. I SAID STAND UP!!
Ki-Chan slowly stands up, turning around to face Hadagi.
Hadagi: This… this whole fight. You were holding your power back. Why?

Ti-Chan's eyes widen in curiosity, as he slowly stands to attention.

Hadagi: TALK DAMN YOU!! Why were you holding back?
Ki-Chan: …… Jus' b'cause yer evil… an' yer beatin' me up…. don't mean I need ta stoop to YOUR level.
Hadagi:…… Wait what?
Ki-Chan: Are ya deaf? I said I don' need ta stoop to yer level!!
Hadagi:…. Wait let me get this straight. I am a demon. Panti is a demon. We are both demonic, we have super powers, and we are legit trying to KILL you…. And you…. DON'T want to … "stoop" to our level by powering up enough to maybe I don’t know.. take us down?
Ki-Chan: Tha's right! I don' need ta murder ya, I jus' need ta d'fend m'self an' Ti-Chan.
Hadagi:…. Wow. That's either very noble or very stupid.
Panti: I can't believe this. Look, Kid, we're going to keep coming after you. If you don't learn to amp it up and quick, we can and we WILL kill you.
Ti-Chan: Just answer me this. Why do you keep coming after her? What do you want from her?
Ki-Chan: Yeah! Tha's a good question. Yer strangers, s' why d'ya wanna keep comin' after me?
Hadagi: Strangers…. Wow, you really don't remember, do you?
Ki-Chan: R'member what?
Panti: Don't worry, you'll find out very soon.
Hadagi: At any rate, this was only a sparring session. Come Panti, I'm feeling pretty satisfied now, let's leave them to their… little date.
Panti: It may be their only one.

They disappear through a portal. Ti-Chan pats Ki-Chan down, searching for wounds.


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