Ki-Chan Update: May 2, 2017

So last week, I opened this Blogger under the pretense of emergency, but honestly, I've gotten so comfortable with it that this might be the permanent home for Ki-Chan's blog. So let me catch you up on what happened.

Back on March 13, HostMonster (home of Ki-Chan's website) started what should have been a five day upload of new tools for Weebly, the website play toy I used to code this site, my husband's website (LuchaMaskUSA) and my publishing website. After five days, I was supposed to have new tools and new features that really look awesome. If you use Weebly's standalone site, you already have access to these tools, and if you're a tech nerd like me, then you already know how excited I was. So I just deciced to wait for the upgrade to wrap before releasing anything new from Book #2.

... And that was in March.

Today is May 2nd.

I still don't have my tools.

They LOST five pages, including their backups, and the following screens greet me:
And then there's the white screen of death:
Do you see any tools I can click on? Me either!

So I have spent all month playing touch tone tag with HostMonster, whose team has apologized to me in every which way possible. What they can tell me is that a server blew, there was a coding issue on their side, and nobody knows how to fix it.

They are "supposed to" have a final fix rolled out this week, but I'm not holding my breath.

Now I will say this. I'm not about to jump on the "screw you guys" bandwagon, because they did take responsibility for what happened, unlike Weebly, who told me to go talk to them again and hung up on me. But this did create some problems for me, so here's what I've been doing:

1. All five broken links now redirect to this blog.
2. The excerpts from Book #1 and your fan art are now all back online here.
3. The bios and a bulk of Ki-Chan's website are back online.
4. The store page is working, though orders are also being placed on Ki-Chan's Facebook.
5. The last chapter of Book #2 is still being written.

I am hopeful to have this resolved as soon as possible. I am also looking into other tools I can use to revamp the website. I haven't decided on how much the page will change, but there will be some fresh content in the future. 

The downloads are down at the moment, but I hope to find a fix for that soon.

If you would like to help, please subscribe to this Blogger and get your friends to do the same. It's linked with Google/Gmail/YouTube accounts, so subscribing is free and quick!


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