Manga Studio Ti-Chan

Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter is usually drawn using Manga Studio 5, or rather, Clip Studio Paint as it's known after installation. I use an older Wacom Bamboo tablet when I draw, allowing me to do everything by hand.

While I'm on the phone, I'm usually drawing Ki-Chan or Hadagi, but today I found myself drawing Ti-Chan. I found a new (really, new to me) brush I can use for his curls for the last post's image, and I thought I would play with it more today. Ti-Chan's curls are more textured and smooth than Ki-Chan's, so I needed a brush that would properly separate the two styles.

How do you like this manga-inspired image? Manga is a different style, since you're limited to black and white, so the emphasis I find is more on texture rather than color blending. 


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