Excerpt: Rumble in the Courtyard (Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #2)

NOTE: This is an excerpt from the third chapter of Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #2. At this point, only Ki-Chan's group can see that there's something otherworldly about Mindy, the British-Japanese student who sits next to Ki-Chan at their new college. The blonde vixen has her sights set on Ti-Chan, much to his chagrin. But despite the fact that he has tried to report Mindy's sexual harassment to school faculty, only Ki-Chan, Techno, Kameko, Ruey, Cecil, Violet and Lily believe him. What's more is that Mindy has been targeting Ki-Chan, and has just unleashed word to everyone in school about Ki-Chan's past and has been doing her best to expose her powers to everyone. The two have already had one fight, but only Ki-Chan is finding herself in trouble. This excerpt picks up where a crowd is forming around Ki-Chan during P.E. as Ti-Chan tries to fight through the crowd to get to her before anything happens.

Mindy: Why look, it’s our dearest Ti-Chan! Step aside ladies and gentlemen. Let’s let him see what a monster he’s been with.

The crowd parts, leaving Ti-Chan face to face with Mindy and the holophone. As the image grows again, black clouds roll over the courtyard and the distant sound of thunder cracks.

Mindy: I’m sure you can read just this much Kanji.. can’t you? Come over here. Get a closer look at the monster.
Ruey: Ti-Chan?? TI-CHAN?!?!
Techno: Oh shit, his eyes are doing that thing again. TIGE??
Mindy: That’s a good boy. Come a little closer, darling.

Ti-Chan slowly walks over to Mindy, his eyes flashing red. Mindy reaches her hand out to him. But just as it seems as though he would take her hand, he squeezes his eyes closed, hard. He shakes his head, opening his eyes to reveal they are brown again. With his outstretched hand, he snatches the holophone from her hand and throws it hard against the ground, smashing it. Mindy takes a step back in surprise.

Ti-Chan: As I told you before, I’m well aware of Ki-Chan’s past and what she’s capable of…. She’s not the only monster here.

With that, Ti-Chan casts a gold shot of energy at the ground, melting the holophone. Mindy’s eyes meet his once again. Kameko covers her mouth as Violet pulls both she and Lily back a few steps. Marlowe and Silas stand behind Ruey and Techno as Cecil holds his arms out, nodding to Violet. She returns the nod, then whispers into Lily’s ear. She looks up in surprise, then nods. Kameko follows Lily’s lead as the two run in opposite directions. The Humanesques fight through the crowd, then form a circle around Mindy, Ti-Chan and Ki-Chan. Mindy’s eyes are focused on Ti-Chan only. She flips her blonde hair over her shoulder, then struts towards Ti-Chan.

Mindy: So… you’re a monster too you say?
Ti-Chan: And damn proud. Ki-Chan and I are the same species.
Mindy: Oh.. so you’re a bad boy then.. I like a bad boy.

He takes a step back. She walks up to him, leaning her face up into his. Lightning crashes into the courtyard, dismantling the workout benches behind him, but everyone is so focused on what’s going on inside the circle that they don’t even notice the gravity is starting to lapse.

Ti-Chan: Get away from me.
Mindy: Once more, my family owns this school. This is my court yard. And I’ll go where I please on it. And any thing on this yard living or otherwise belongs to me.
Ti-Chan: Get AWAY from me!!
Mindy: Now then, you say you’re the same as that little trollop over there? A monster perhaps? I just have to know.. does a monster like you… kiss the same as a human boy?

Mindy leans into Ti-Chan, seductively. A cloud of red starts to wash over his irises from the bottom up. He trembles, realizing he can’t move on his own as Mindy grabs hold of his shirt, standing on her toes, leaning ever so closer. But just as she is about to kiss him, she stops, looking surprised, chuckling.

Mindy: What the.. someone.. *tch* someone has my hair?

Ki-Chan has grabbed Mindy’s hair at the root. She pulls hard, swinging Mindy to the ground while ripping out a long fistful of blonde hair. Grabbing the other end of the freshly ripped out hair, she snaps the hair tight between her fists like a band, then kneels into Mindy’s back, reaching over Mindy’s head and choking her with the band of hair. As she pulls up against Mindy’s neck with the hair, she presses her knee into Mindy’s back, hard.

Ki-Chan: Th’ gentl’man said he wants ya t’ leave him alone. M’ not tellin’ ya again. Stay th’ FUCK away from Ti-Chan!!

Trying to squeeze a finger between her neck and the band of hair, Mindy’s other arm frantically slaps the pavement until she finds gravel. Taking a fistful, she throws the gravel at Ki-Chan, distracting her long enough to let go. Ki-Chan stumbles to her feet, rubbing her eyes as Mindy stands up, then turns around and punches Ki-Chan in the left cheek, knocking the girl back. Mindy delivers a right hook, but Ki-Chan dodges. The two young women begin trading fists at a rapid pace as the other Humanesques begin pushing the crowd back, trying to give them space. Ki-Chan raises her forearms, taking several blows from Mindy while covering her face. She then jabs Mindy’s right cheek before returning to a guarding dance, shifting her feet left and right. Mindy swings her hip, kicking Ki-Chan’s arms, which are held up to guard her face. Ki-Chan goes to jab Mindy again, only to be hit with a fist in the cheek. Mindy kicks out Ki-Chan’s leg, but Ki-Chan bounces back on her hands, then pops her feet into Mindy’s face, kicking her back a bit and knocking out Mindy’s contacts, revealing her ice blue eyes as having no pupils, restoring them to the state they were on Saturday.

Techno: I KNEW IT!! I knew we weren’t seeing things, she really doesn’t have pupils. Those were contacts!
Male #1: Mindy’s eyes are just fine.
Techno: WHAT?? No they’re NOT.
Female #1: Mindy’s eyes are as pure as ice.
Male #2: Mindy is pure.
Lily: Ah pure EVIL maybe! What the hell is wrong with you?
Male #1: Mindy is an innocent girl.
Male #2: Mindy Is trying to protect herself.
Female #2: It’s YOUR lot that are the wrong ones..

The crowd of students start to push back, completely possessed. Techno and Lily start to get scared as students try to climb over each other to get to Ti-Chan.

Lily: This is like something out of a horror film!
Ruey: Should we try to use our p-
Techno: NO WAY!! It’s bad enough Ki-Chan’s came out, if we use ours too, it’ll look like WE are the bad guys!
Ruey: But they’re ganging up, and there’s only ten of us!
Silas: Techno, if it comes down to it, I’m using my strength against them. We’re completely outnumbered!
Techno: That’s overkill! We’re going to blo-
Violet: Blow our cover? Is that what you were gonna say? LOOK AROUND YOU we already stick out like a sore thumb!
Techno: It’s only going to make this all the more damning for Ki-Chan, am I right, Ti-Chan? … Ti-Chan?!? … TIGE!!

Back on her feet, Ki-Chan lunges at Mindy, who catches her fists into hers. Mindy pulls her arms back, headbutting Ki-Chan, then she raises her knee, kicking Ki-Chan back. Mindy strikes Ki-Chan hard with her right fist, then wipes blood off of her lip.

Mindy: How pathetic *pant pant* that you would resort *pant pant* to violence just to *pant pant* deal with *pant pant* my desire for Ti-Chan. *pant pant* How uncouth.
Ki-Chan: *pant pant* BITCH... ya can quit callin’ him Ti-Chan, ‘cause only th’ people *pant pant* who he cares fer *pant pant* get ta call him dat. *pant pant* S’ FUCK OFF an’ leave ‘em be!
Mindy: *pant pant* When I’m done with you *pant pant* he’ll have no choice *pant pant* but to care for me and me alone. *pant pant* Isn’t that right….. Tiiiii-Chan?

Ki-Chan turns around quickly to see that Ti-Chan’s eyes keep shifting from brown to red. He squeezes his eyes, trying to fight the oncoming possession. The other Humanesques are still trying to keep the other students back as they become more aggressive. All around them are eyes flashing in a bright red as the sky continues to darken. Ki-Chan’s eyes widen in horror as she watches Ti-Chan’s body shake. He grits his teeth.

Ti-Chan: What.. what the hell is... she doing to me??
Ki-Chan: Fight it Ti-Chan, FIGHT IT!!
Ti-Chan: Ki… Chan… Ki… Chan…. Help me...

Ki-Chan races over to him, pulls him down by the collar of his shirt and then kisses him, taking him by surprise. Ti-Chan’s eyes return to a soft brown, as he looks down at Ki-Chan.

Ti-Chan: What … what the hell is she-
Ki-Chan: Run. S’ not safe here… yer in danger..
Ti-Chan: P… Pixie?
Ki-Chan: M’ heart is racin’… get outta here.. run...
Ti-Chan: Ki-Chan I-
Ki-Chan: I can’t control dis… go... run.. Ti-Chan RUN!!
Ti-Chan: No Ki-Chan, I’m not leaving you! I don’t care what happens to me, right now you need-

Ki-Chan’s irises flash white for a moment as lightning strikes the courtyard again. Ti-Chan’s eyes widen as she releases him to turn and face Mindy. He backs away reluctantly, but finds himself unable to leave through the crowd.

Ti-Chan: What the hell happened to the other students?
Techno: TIGE!! Just stay where you’re at.
Lily: There’s too many of them!!
Mindy: Well Kiana. I must admit that you took me by surprise on Saturday. But I am confident that I can take you on at your best and with the entire school behind me as well. Go on. Have at me.
Ki-Chan: I don’ care ‘f ya got a whole ARMY behind ya… fer possessin’ m’ man.. an’ puttin’ dese people in danger.. I swear it.. one way or anudder… I.. will.. END YOU!!

No longer concerned about the consequences, Ki-Chan lets her rage take control. She screams, letting her eyes turn white, unleashing an aura of blue-white energy. She lunges, once again engaging Mindy in a fist fight. Ti-Chan joins the other Humanesques in forming a barrier between the two who are fighting and the other students. Suddenly, Mindy and Ki-Chan clasp fists. Ki-Chan struggles against Mindy, letting out more energy, creating a crater underneath them. The force of the ground sinking surprises Mindy long enough for her to lose concentration, allowing Ki-Chan to headbutt her, returning her previous attack. Mindy loses her grip, stepping back a bit as Ki-Chan knocks her with a punch to the cheek, blowing Mindy back a bit. Mindy runs back to Ki-Chan, and the two trade fists.

Marlowe: HOLY SHIT!!
Violet: NOW do you see why Kid and I thought she was a demon, dipshit?
Marlowe: For once… YEAH!! Yeah I do now!
Ruey: How is Mindy able to withstand Ki-Chan’s blows?
Violet: She’s a FUCKING demon!!
Ruey: Oh? Ooooh…. OH!!
Violet: Didn’t you put it together when she possessed the entire fucking school?
Ruey: I thought the whole SCHOOL was evil!
Violet: … I am the meat in a fucktard sammich.
Lily: GUYS!! I think they uprooted some pipes!

Mindy swings, knocking Ki-Chan into a pipe, busting it open. Ki-Chan pushes energy through her feet to lunge again, but the energy ignites the pipe, propelling the young woman at Mindy in a cloud of fire. As her shoes ignite, Ki-Chan delivers a hard right hook, blowing Mindy into another exposed pipe. Mindy stands up, holding her arms over her face as Ki-Chan jabs furiously. Finding an opening, Mindy jabs Ki-Chan in the forehead, then delivers a few more shots to her face before Ki-Chan finally catches Mindy’s fist into her hand. Pulling Mindy’s arm down past her hip, Ki-Chan pulls Mindy close, punching her in the forehead twice. She then spins, pulling Mindy’s arm up and throwing her entire body over her shoulder, but as Mindy lands, she swings her left leg up, popping Ki-Chan in the face. As Ki-Chan stumbles backwards, Mindy pops up onto her feet, then spins, delivering a back-fist with her right to Ki-Chan. But going for a swing from her left, Ki-Chan catches her fist with her left, popping her with her right. As the two continue fighting, Cecil and Lily combine their ice and water powers to plug up the pipe Ki-Chan destroyed, just as they see Kisuroba in the distance.

Cecil: GUYS!! The teacher is heading this way!
Lily: Everybody BACK UP!! There’s gas everywhere!

The two grapple before Ki-Chan swings her leg, kicking Mindy in the side with her singed shoe. Mindy jabs, hitting Ki-Chan in the face and knocking her back. Ki-Chan fires an energy shot behind Mindy, hitting the second exposed pipe and sending Mindy’s body flying back towards her, and into a fist. Taking the upper hand, Ki-Chan bombards Mindy’s face with a flurry of punches as the fire burns Mindy’s clothing and hair. Mindy ducks down, swinging a leg to trip Ki-Chan. She jumps on top, and the two roll, trading fists. Mindy strikes Ki-Chan’s jaw over and over, smiling as her other hand has a fistful of Ki-Chan’s hair, pinning her down. Mindy then wraps her hands around Ki-Chan’s neck, choking her. Ki-Chan uses one hand to try and pry her neck loose as Mindy starts to laugh, leaning in close to her adversary’s face. Ki-Chan uses her free hand to punch Mindy.
Mindy releases Ki-Chan just long enough for the latter to pop back up and headbutt her. Mindy punches Ki-Chan in the cheek, then tries to punch her in the gut, but Ki-Chan catches her fist with her right, punching her in the forehead with her left. She uses a palm strike with her left, knocking Mindy back. Mindy swings a left at Ki-Chan, then a right, followed by a knee strike to the forehead. Ki-Chan recovers and lands a left hook as Ti-Chan and Kisuroba slide down the crater to break up the fight. Ti-Chan wraps his arms around Ki-Chan’s midsection, pulling her away from Mindy as Kisuroba takes Mindy’s hand.

Kisuroba: Are you alright, Kyonyū-san??
Ki-Chan: LEGGO!! LEGGO O’ ME!!
Ti-Chan: That’s ENOUGH Ki-Chan!!

While the teacher is distracted, Lily slides down and uses her water power, first to put out Ki-Chan’s sneakers and then to splash water on her face, but Ki-Chan is still struggling. Ti-Chan forcefully turns her around and kisses her, shocking her back to her normal state. She looks around, trying to assess what just happened. He pushes Ki-Chan behind himself, throwing his arms over her as Mindy points, accusingly.

Kisuroba: What the HELL is going on here? Kyonyū-san?? CHAN-SAN?? What happened to the courtyard??
Mindy: SEE? That MONSTER over there was the one who started all of this! Look what she did to me!
Kisuroba: Chan-san, I am very-
Lily: SHE’S A LIAR!! Ki-Chan didn’t start this!
Ti-Chan: Open your eyes, asshole! Mindy is the one who-
Kisuroba: I will not have you speak to me like that, you heathen!
Ti-Chan: How ‘bout I just BEAT IT into you?
Kōchō: Over here!! This is where the gas leak was!

Just as things are about to get heated, Kōchō emerges with a handful of crewmen from the local gas company.

Kisuroba: G-gas leak??
Kōchō: *pant pant* Yes, Kisuroba-san. We just had a pipe burst *pant pant* in the storage room just *pant pant* a while ago..

Ti-Chan slowly backs away from the teacher as everyone looks up at the men pushing through the crowd of students at the top of the newly formed crater.

Kōchō: *pant pant* It started after physical education *pant pant* started and then *pant pant*the same time *pant pant* this one must have burst. *pant pant* These girls might have been injured *pant pant* because of the pipe… right… ladies?

Ki-Chan and Mindy for once nod their heads in agreement. Rather than try to explain the fight, the ladies decide to pass this contest off as though they were the victims of a gas leak explosion. Ki-Chan walks past Ti-Chan, and offers her hand to Mindy. Mindy takes it, letting Ki-Chan pull her up, but then also very close. The two speak cheek to cheek.

Ki-Chan: Dis ain’t over.
Mindy: Not by a long shot.

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