Drakeo Ki-Chan Sketch

It's been a rough week for me, so seeing this peek back at me in my inbox really turned my frown upside down.

My loyal friend Drakeo surprised me this week with a sketch of Ki-Chan, flashing a smile mid-fight, with her curls all tousled and her fist glowing. ^_^

Her smile reminds me of the title character in Steven Universe, have you seen that show yet? The show is billed as a children's program, but it's deeper than most adult shows on television, and has similar, saturated sugar colors to the anime No Game No Life, which has a prequel movie hitting theaters pretty soon in America.

Getting back to Drakeo, his inspirations have been George Perez, John Romita JR, Steve Ditko, Ron Frenz, Joe Madureira, Ed McGuinness and Jack Kirby. You can follow him on Twitter and tell him I sent you!


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