Ki-Chan Book #2 Cover Reveal!!

If you can read this, consider yourself formally invited to the Facebook reveal!!

Friday, October 6th, 2017, I'll be debuting the cover for Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #2 and it's official release date.

The book will be available in four formats:
  • Color Paperback print book
  • Black and White Paperback print book
  • Kindle Color
  • Kindle Black and White
The takeover lasts from 2-10 pm Central Time.

NEW art and NEW excerpts from the book will be shared after the 7 pm cover reveal!!

There will be GIVEAWAYS!! I have some special prizes set aside, so you really need to be there. Invite your friends and family!

You can RSVP right here, come celebrate!!

School is in session as Ki-Chan and her group of Humanesques are now enrolled in the Midori Fedora Daigaku, an elite college on the edge of Hanno, Japan with a rough and elaborate past. With classes specializing in emmersion, our rag tag group from Blue Island, Illinois seems primed and ready to jump right into their studies.

But just as our gang is settling into their new classroom, Ti-Chan finds himself being stalked by a mysterious and beautiful blonde named Mindy, who has seemingly enchanted the entire school. Something about this young lady has caught Tige's attention, and it seems only Ki-Chan knows something is off about the whole thing. As if having her budding new romance thrown into jeopardy isn't bad enough, the yellow capped kid finds her past being plastered all over social and televised media, as the school learns about her out of control super powers!

Students are going missing, a monster is on the loose, and the demons are hot on Ki-Chan's trail.

Just who is Mindy, and what is the true nature of the power she weilds over the campus? And can Ki-Chan and Ti-Chan overcome this dangerous damsel before the bell rings?

This is the second in a series of illustrated light novels by cartoonist and author Koriander Bullard. Ki-Chan is currently available in color and in black and white for Kindle and paperback. For more information, be sure to check out the official Ki-Chan website at

Koriander Publishing is a small company, formed late in 2016 under the previous name Koriander. The upstart company is designed to help new and established authors streamline the publishing process.


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